Process audits And Advisory


In business, it is important to define the processes to run the operations and activities in standardised manner and provide clarity to make timely decisions. This will help to have extraordinary improvements in cost, quality, profitability, and other key areas through assessing maturity of the business processes by using the tool of process auditing. Our team, at BOUNDLESS, offer you global experience to ensure that your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed market regulations and standards.

Our key service offerings:

Warehouse and Supply chain management audits/Supply Chain Audit Program

Inventory process audits

Supplier process audits

5S audits

Warehouse and Supply chain management audits:

It is always imperative to conduct end to end process audits to know the deficiencies/gaps at each stage contributing to overall process failures of warehouse & SCM operations. Thus, we offer supply chain management audit service for auditing supply chain processes in your organisation. We do warehouse audits too.

Inventory process audits:

Inventory audits help identify gaps/improvement opportunities related to inventory process such as availability of sufficient stocks, re-ordering levels and requisition to replenish the wiped stock, inventory receipt/ issuance process etc. In a way, such audits do inventory verification of materials. In other words, inventory process audits execute materials management

Supplier Quality audits:

Supplier Process quality audits are performed at supplier premises to verify the compliance / effectiveness of supplier’s existing process to deliver defect free products and adequacy of existing processes in place. In short, supplier quality audits measure the standard of quality of supplier's processes.

BOUNDLESS helps you to identify such inefficiencies or redundancies which limit the overall process effectiveness and thereby recommend suggestions to improve the system and make the operations cost effective.

5S audits:

"5S" in general stands for Sort, Straighten, Shine, Stardardise and Sustain. 5S was originally a Japanese organization method composed of the five words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. This methodology was a building block to allow Just-In-Time Manufacturing.

SEIRI - It sorts between unwanted and wanted things in a selected area, region or domain

SEITON - A place for everything and everything in its place

SEISO - It deals with cleaning the workplace

SEIKETSU - It means system standardization.

SHITSUKE - It deals with discipline for strict adherence to a system by changing from the existing unsystematic way

Our experts help clients to implement the 5S within their organizations and ensure a smooth working environment. BOUNDLESS perform regular assessment to check whether each task is performed within the organisation in accordance with the set expectations or not and then report our findings for future course of actions by the client.