Our Services


Our team provides values to the client by providing multiple management services or solutions at one stop. Our services include knowledge process outsourcing, taxation, advisory, (Ind-AS) IFRS / US GAAP convergence etc. Boundless provides advisory and other services under different sourcing models – Co-sourcing model and Outsourcing model. Our experts offer you global experience in every industry and sector to ensure that your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed market regulations and standards.

Co-sourcing Model:-

In a co-sourcing model, Boundless provides resources to clients that meet their job requirements and continue to work under clients leadership.

Outsourcing Model:-

In this model, 2 types of scenarios are possible in order to leverage people, process and technologies and to transform / improve their processes within the organization:

1. Full outsourcing scenario:-

The client can involve Boundless team in the day to day processes without involvement of client leadership.

2. Partial outsourcing scenario:-

The Client can involve Boundless team under supervisory role to control the client team in order to obtain desired result.

BOUNDLESS adopts a flexible approach to finalize the agreed scope to work together and deputes our personnel accordingly.